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Welcome to Renninger's
Market in Kutztown!


Dietrich's Meats

Dietrich's Meats


At Dietrich Meats you can find: - A full line of beef including steaks, roasts, 
prime rib, soup bones and ground sirloin. - Fresh pork items including 
chops, roasts (boneless and bone-in), tenderloin, spare ribs and pig feet - 
Home-raised poultry including turkey, chicken, capon, duck, geese, 
pheasant, guinea, squab, chukar, and quail- available both fresh and 
smoked - Delicious sausages, including fresh, Italian, hot, and sweet 
sausage, garlic sausage, and smoked sausage. - Hard to find meats such 
as fresh beef tongues, hearts, kidneys and liver, lamb tongues (skinned & 
deveined), Ox tails, fresh pork tongues, hearts, kidneys & liver, Lamb 
tongues, hearts & kidneys, Fresh Brain, sweetbreads and tripe. - Unusual 
delicacies such as ricewurst, tonguewurst, bloodwurst, rice kishka, kasha, 
barley kishka, head cheese, souse, liver pudding, scrapple, 
braunschweiger, mettwurst and jagdwurst. - Dutch treats such as Chow 
chow, corn relish, sauerkraut, bread-and-butter pickles, mustard beans, 
pickled beets and watermelon rinds that are made right on the premises.


Dietrich's Meats



Tantalize your taste buds with Dietrich’s hickory-smoked hams & bacons: 
Pork, beef or Canadian style bacon, bone-in and boneless hams (no 
water added), old-fashioned Farmer’s, Daisy, Wesphalen and Proscuitto 
ham, ham hocks and shanks, Boston butts and smoked picnics. Or try 
some: - Old fashioned Summer bologna, Lebanon, sweet, butcher and 
ring bologna (plain, garlic and cheese), hot Dogs, German wieners, 
Knockwurst, and Veal bratwurst. - Home-made meat stix: hot, mild, sweet 
and kielbasa beef jerky, pepperoni, pork roll, hard salami, German mince 
bologna, home-cured dried beef, and pastrami - Pickled meats- Pickled 
pig feet, tongue, pig snouts, goose gizzards, lamb tongues, pickled 
bologna, kielbasa, tripe and many more. - Specialty items- Hickory nuts, 
black walnuts, butter nuts, dried corn, dried string beans, dried apple 
schnitz, dried meadow tea and tapioca.
Dietrich's MeatsDietrich's Meats
Dietrich’s smoked meats travel well and can be shipped. Additionally, all 
wild game, including deer, bear, moose and antelope can be fully 
processed. Custom smoke and cure is available for hams, bacons and dry 
The Dietrichs have been a family tradition at Renninger’s Farmer’s Market 
for over 55 years. Starting with a small table, Verna Dietrich sold farm 
fresh eggs, fresh vegetables from her garden, and color printed feed 
bags which people bought to make aprons, dresses, and pillowcases. Her 
three boys, aged 10 months to 4 years accompanied her and helped tend 
to the stand every Saturday. Later, the business grew with the addition of 
a small meat case from which the Dietrichs sold fresh meat and 
homemade bolognas. Several years later, a new addition was added to 
the farmers market and the Dietrichs expanded to a larger stand with meat 
cases stretching forty feet. Shortly after, the Dietrich family built a brand 
new USDA federal butcher shop in Krumsville, PA. It is here where their 
own home-raised animals are slaughtered and then aged in coolers until 
they are ready to be cut. Today Verna is proud to have three sons, two 
daughters-in-law, and eight grandchildren who are active in the business.


Dietrich's Meats


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